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whooo barrel fest this weekend, region 9.. i think!

hay im new to this lil community and have been vaulting for like 5 years and yeah i love it and im getting ready to go to a barrel fest tomorrow in region 10!!

oh and our vaulting horse is my horse and i do Parelli Natural Horsemanship!! aaand yeah hes 1/2 Belgian 1/2 QH

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thanks :D
oh and i got 3 1sts
-intermediate kur
-impromptu (haha i got UNDER THE SEA!!)
-Costume haha i was ZORRO!!
and i got a 3rd in compulsories but i was really happy bout that cause i was only off from 2nd place by like .5 points and they are a lot more expierenced than me :D but im workin on gettin them better