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A note from a German vaulter

Um, yeah... there is no real reason for this post but i felt like it ;-)

I am a member of this community for quite some time now but never posted (not that anybody else did much), so i decided it was a good new years solution to post here. *smiles*

My name is Anne-Janet and i am 21 years old German. I a passionate vaulter, right now only semi-active though. You see, i managed to fall off my horse last april (actually, i jumped. I had the choice between going down with my head first or jumping. I obivously chose the later) and got myself a rupture of the cructical liagment as well as one of my meniscus in my left knee. So, surgery and all the stuff followed in may and now i am still in physiotherapy but i will be allowed to do vaulting again in may. I soo can't wait for it. I only do individual vaulting by the way. I did group til i was again and then stopped to the age limit which still existed back then (in Germany)
I also have my own vaulting group (Level D - is anybody familar with the German Vaulting-Level-System? I am a B-Vaulter myself) - oh and did i mention that i own our individual vaulting horse? *s* He's an "Westfale" and a descend of Cor de la bryére. Our group horse is an Hannoverian and my most favorite horse :)

Is anybody of you coming to the WEG in Aachen next year?

... um, i guess, that's it from my side... i'd love to get some comments :)
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