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LJ Vaulters
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Friday, March 24th, 2006
4:27 pm
whooo barrel fest this weekend, region 9.. i think!
hay im new to this lil community and have been vaulting for like 5 years and yeah i love it and im getting ready to go to a barrel fest tomorrow in region 10!!

oh and our vaulting horse is my horse and i do Parelli Natural Horsemanship!! aaand yeah hes 1/2 Belgian 1/2 QH


Current Mood: crazy
Friday, January 6th, 2006
8:46 pm
A note from a German vaulter
Um, yeah... there is no real reason for this post but i felt like it ;-)

I am a member of this community for quite some time now but never posted (not that anybody else did much), so i decided it was a good new years solution to post here. *smiles*

My name is Anne-Janet and i am 21 years old German. I a passionate vaulter, right now only semi-active though. You see, i managed to fall off my horse last april (actually, i jumped. I had the choice between going down with my head first or jumping. I obivously chose the later) and got myself a rupture of the cructical liagment as well as one of my meniscus in my left knee. So, surgery and all the stuff followed in may and now i am still in physiotherapy but i will be allowed to do vaulting again in may. I soo can't wait for it. I only do individual vaulting by the way. I did group til i was again and then stopped to the age limit which still existed back then (in Germany)
I also have my own vaulting group (Level D - is anybody familar with the German Vaulting-Level-System? I am a B-Vaulter myself) - oh and did i mention that i own our individual vaulting horse? *s* He's an "Westfale" and a descend of Cor de la bryére. Our group horse is an Hannoverian and my most favorite horse :)

Is anybody of you coming to the WEG in Aachen next year?

... um, i guess, that's it from my side... i'd love to get some comments :)

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
10:19 am
I have started thunderhooves, a community dedicated to the noble and powerful feathered warhorses, particularly under saddle. Whether you are an owner or admirer or just curious, whatever your experience or knowledge level, please feel free to join.

Friesians, Friesians crosses, and also the Shires, Clydesdales, Percherons and other draft breeds ... their majesty is unmistakeable, and whether you own, ride, or just dream about being astride one or more of these magnificent creatures.

I have had much success working with other people's horses, but more than my share of disappointments with my own choices, though it has been mainly due to shady humans involved and not the horses. However fate has always been good to me when I listen to what I really want, and I do think fate is telling me to try another path, and so I am stepping back and saving while I look for a Friesian, or if that is not economically possible, a Friesian Percheron cross, the best of which resemble my preference anyway, the old style draftier Friesian which is slowly being phased out for the sport horse type, just as beautiful though a much more refined animal.

I have been very impressed with the Friesian people I've met thus far, very into their horses and into costuming, performance, doing such interesting things with their horses.

In my icon is one horse I am curious about, he is a young baroque Friesian in Holland with the basics under saddle, and I am considering a trip out there or to send a scout to meet him if he is still available when I can afford him. Even if not, he's a good template from which to look. There is a woman who has Percheron Friesians in CA, and that visit will be very doable, and perhaps soon.

I have a definitely type in mind, heavy huilt and baroque with a thick stallion neck, lots of feather and hair, and expressive and animated gaits. A sportier build is fine too, as long as the whole build is harmonious. I want a horse who takes my breath away just standing, in motion, underneath me.
Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
12:43 pm
Quick shot of me and Symphony the Clydesdale cross on the beach. I want this photograph printed and framed, and yes, that is her winter coat, still gleaming and she doesn't need a blanket.

She is also one of the barn's vaulting horses.

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